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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Farty's Funetic Alphabet

Soo. A while ago, a friend told me he was compiling a non-phonetic alphabet. As in, like the Phonetic Alphabet, but instead of Foxtrot Tango and that, none of his words actually sounded like they started with their initial letters. O=Onion, P=Pterodactyl, that kind of thing.

I never heard any more of it, and anyway it sounds too much like hard work. Here's what I dreamed up instead. None of my words even contains the corresponding letter, but I'm sure it all makes sense. *cough*

A Fonzie
B Honey
C Rap
D Minor
E Farm
F King
G Whizz
H Steps
I Pod
J SpliffLeno
K Memory
L Damnation
M Tea
N Party
O Dear
P Shower
Q Toilet
R Doubloons
S Bend
T Cake
U Tube
V Neck
W Clone
X Men
Y Not
Z Nap

If you ask nicely, I'll explain any one that's confusing you.


Memarie Lane said...

P Shower is my favorite.

Mr Farty said...

Marie - Thanks. W Clone is mine; even I don't know how I came up with that.

nz-ajb said...

At least it wasn't N Sync...

#Debi said...

P Shower is just wrong... ;)

My fave is R Doubloons. I don't get J Spliff, though...

Brom said...

I like this!

dkuroiwa said...

Yeah...I'll admit...I snorted at a couple..."P Shower"...wrong, but funny.
And I'll admit that I don't get J Spliff either...
Honestly...You had me at A Fonzie!!

Mr Farty said...

AJ - Or R Kelly...

#Debi - J is what we used to call a joint in these parts. *cough* Whatever a joint was. Joint=Spliff. Pretty weak, huh?

Brom - My pleasure!

LolaD - Enough already! <clicky> Happy now?