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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Amnesty International

Do you want to know what really makes me mad? A cocktail of Amyl Nitrate, LSD & speed, with a just a dash of oven cleaner for that added zing.

But this story comes a close second. In brief, the Vatican has called for all members of the Catholic Church to stop funding or otherwise supporting Amnesty International, after AI took a pro-choice stance on the issue of abortion for victims of rape or incest.

I can't stop people from funding the Catholic Church, so here's the next best thing.

Donate to Amnesty International

I'll go first.


Sewmouse said...

Even more annoying to the annoying is to make your donation "In honor of" the person who denigrates...

I make a donation in honor of my brother's birthday annually to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). He is a very, very anti-ACLU Republican Neocon shill. They send him a very nice note.

Imagine all the very nice notes the pope would get from AI. I'll donate when I get home (left the cred card on the dresser top so I wouldn't shop after work)

Mr Farty said...

Wish I'd thought of that!

Babzy said...

Mr Farty, thank you for bringing attention to this today.

"Ours is a movement dedicated to upholding human rights, not specific theologies. Our purpose invokes the law and the state, not God."

When, oh when, will religious zealots realize that when the church (any church) interferes with human rights as declared by law it will bring with it all forms of abuse, violence, wars, destruction, and death.

Sewmouse, I like your fiesty nature and your excellent idea.

SpanishGoth said...

Could set fire to the church - that might work ;-)