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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Adventures in the Canada - Last Day

Having admired the hummingbirds feeding out on Vancouver Island, we got back to P's place, where I spotted - and this time recognised - her own empty feeder. "Oh, I've never filled it," she explained, "I just bought it as an ornament." Thinks: If you fill it, they will come. So I did. And on the afternoon of the final day, as I was sitting right beside the thing, I heard the now-familiar VVVVVvvvvvvvvt sound announcing the approach of a feathered friend. Remember the stories about fairies at the bottom of the garden? I could have reached out and touched the little feller, it was pure, heart-stopping magic.

There was more, but I'm tired and frankly, by comparison to the above, meh. In summary,
Took the SkyTrain to Metrotown Mall - 450 shops but no Loius Vuitton handbag for LMF. Txt prompt - Armani will do. Aye right. We did meet a bloke with an LV man-bag, a scrap of cloth priced at $1000.
Saw a train in the mall. With passengers.
Death by Chocolate. What a way to go.
Caught the plane home at 6pm Friday, flew all night except that there was no night, the sun barely grazed the northern horizon as we crossed Greenland and then inexorably rose back towards the zenith.
Unpacked the dress shoes, socks and trousers that Mrs Farty packs for every holiday and never, ever get used.
Checked the immaculately-mown lawn - at least no prospective burglar would have noticed that we'd been away.

Oh. I've uploaded some holiday snaps, but you don't want to see those, eh?


Babzy said...

Hello Mr. Farty. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip around British Columbia, via your blog.

I didn't know there was so much fudge for sale in my neck of the woods.

You wrote some very kind things about my country. Thank you so much.

Love your blog, especially the tartan borders.

Mr Farty said...

Hi Babsy. I'm forgetting it's still only mid-afternoon in BC. Hope my other reader appreciates the pictures of Lovely Canada.

Babzy said...

I don't get very many readers either. Just my sister and a few of her friends. I've looked at blogs who receive hundreds of comments on each post!

I wonder where these people find find the time. I'm spending most of my days lately, poking around in other blogs. One leads to another. I don't even know how I got to yours but I will come back for a visit.

Misssy M said...

Right, Is it Louis Vuitton we're after mate?

Right, see you round the back in five minutes. Gold Ford Cortina. You can't miss me. Got a boot full of 'em.

Oh and careful of the Alsatians.

Mr Farty said...

Misssy - She got a - relatively - cheap bag from the mall. If she doesn't like it, she can flippin' well take it back herself!

PI said...

The only time I have seen humming birds was outside a cafe between Whistler and Vancouver by a mountain 3 times higher than Ben Nevis. The air was crystal clear. Wonderful!