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Friday, 14 September 2007


They had been trained. Coached. Some would even say brainwashed into believing that they could, nay would succeed in their attack. They had recorded their videos - just their names and a few words from each about their role in the imminent massacre. Something to justify their actions and encourage those who would undoubtedly follow in their footsteps.

The poor, misguided fools.

Of course, in the event they were stopped in their tracks. Rather than destroying their foes, they were the ones who were beaten to a pulp by the very people they had set out to annihilate. It was embarrassing to watch. I almost felt sorry for them.

Almost, but not quite.


England 0 - 36 South Africa


BOSSY said...


john.g. said...

How CRAP was that!

lady macleod said...

tee hee

Mr Farty said...

Bossy - Wolf 359.

John - Dismal.

Lady M - I hadn't even planned on writing a post, but when I saw that clip of the England team just before the game, where they all looked just so bloody arrogant, that did it for me. I had the post 99% complete in the first few minutes, but the final score was the icing on the cake.

Ner ner ne ner ner.

Prediction for Scotchland's score on Tuesday: 45-0. For Romania.

MKWM said...

Until the penultimate line, I thought I was reading about terrorists... Well done Mr Farty.

Sewmouse said...

Until the penultimate line, I thought it was about yet another school-shooter.

Ya got me too, Farty Dear.

Jo said...

My rugby loving boyfriend missed the game and it was amusing watching him dissect the sunday times trying to find out the score. "I know we lost, but I just want to know how we scored....Ah, we didn't. Balls."

belle said...

gosh, I totally missed this ... too engrossed in that single, glorious, triumphant goal in Paris!

I cannot help but think that you must know LOML - you obviously have the same ability to clear a room in 5 seconds flat ... !

... and WHY has Blogger gone German ?

Mr Farty said...

Minky/Sew - Aye thang ewe.

Jo - Classic.

belle - Oh, you're new here. Did Michele send you?

Has Blogger gone German? I'm sure I would have noticed - Ich nein sprechen Deutsch. Or summat.

Toot toot!

Manuel said...

I would join in the laughter but lets be honest Ireland's egg chaser aren't exactly covering themselves in glory....

Scotsman said...

Strangely I did feel sorry for them. I must be going soft.
It wasn't the fact that England didn't score. Or even the fact that South Africa scored 36 without reply. I think it was more the fact that South Africa didn't have to play that well to do so and England didn't look like they could have scored even if the game had been played over 4, 6 or 8 hours.

Mr Farty said...

Manuel - True, but Ireland aren't the reigning champions either!

Scotsman - Cackle!

belle said...

Yes, new here.
Not sent by Michele - unusually - but by enidd and her eggroll (I finally worked it out!)
If you visit either, you'll have seen me around!
Here's what Blogger says under the comment box:
Sie können HTML-Tags verwenden, z. B. ....

Mr Farty said...

belle - Ah, that German!

Just watched the Scotchland-Romania game. My prediction above was a wee bit off.
42-0. For Scotchland. Crikey!

On Sunday we play the All-Blacks. I think I'll wear my brown trousers.