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Sunday, 23 September 2007

A Black Day For Scotchland

I wonder just how many papers rags will have that headline on Monday morning?

I suppose it could have been worse; to paraphrase Igor in Young Frankenstein, "it could have been raining."

The way I see it, the All Blacks just got lucky - lucky that they were playing Scotland instead of a proper team like South Africa.

Hell, we did better than England: they only lost 36-0!

Scotland 0 - 40 New Zealand


Jo said...

I should have put money on the losing score...40's such a nice, round number.

BOSSY said...

Lucky thing you never Overstate anything.

Mr Farty said...

Jo - Not far off the 45-0 I predicted Romania would beat us by. Damn!

BOSSY - I am the very master of tact. Innit?

Manuel said...

still better than Ireland though......

Scotsman said...

Strangely I think we might have got beaten by more had we like England put out first team. New Zealand might actually have tried. The more we looked liked scoring in the second half the more we gifted the Kiwis easy scores.
If we can beat Italy we look likely to be playing Argentina which should be an easier game than France. Its not inconceivable against such opposition that we could get to the Semis. Which after the shambles that the SRU have been presided over since the sport turned professional would be rather amazing not to mention fortunate.
That said how do we expect to ever beat New Zealand if we don't have the ambition to win a game that punters have paid £170 to watch.

Mr Farty said...

Manuel - At least Ireland scored :-7

Scotchman - Chill, it's jist a game. Unless we win.