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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Getting Senile Dimensions

Princess Beatrice off the Royal Family has landed a part in a movie about, er, a royal family.


Footballing leg end Wayne Rooney turned down the chance to appear in Nickelback's latest video because he thought it wasn't cool enough.

Two million hits on Youtube and climbing.
I had a brilliant idea to link these two stories, but it's gone. Ho-hum.


Colin Will said...

Love the vid, Mr Farty. It's really fab, the things these groovy beat combos turn out today. But why have your people turned green? Turning into Treens?

Sewmouse said...

Shrek-ness invades your camera....

Julie Midas said...

Hmmm.... Reminds me of my early teens and the days of experimenting with funny green make up that was supposed to tone down redness.

Thanks for your comment on my poor dust-covered blog. You're right, I do want to post something. I have every intention of posting something. I will post something. Very soon.

Jo said...

Hahahahaha...before I even saw the wayne pic I thought "God, Princess B's a dead ringer for Princess Fiona off Shrek"


Mr Farty said...

Colin - Treens? That's going back a bit, I haven't read Dan Dare since 1969.

Sew - Not subtle enough?

Julie - Last time I saw a girl in green makeup was the original pilot for Star Trek.

I don't see that new post yet...

Jo - Today's Sun printed pics of Princesses Bea and Fi side by side. Wonder where they stole that idea?

Jahooni said...

Ho hum Ho Hum and a bottle of rum... That's all I have to say!

Mr Farty said...

J - I was beginning to think you were one of those "normals". Thank feck you're one of us after all.

Cynnie said...

an ugly member o' the royal family..
that's sumthin new eh?

Mr Farty said...

Cynnie - Oh, hello. I'm sure we've crossed paths before. Cup of tea?

You're just jealous because you haven't got one.