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Saturday, 17 February 2007

When Harry Met Ali

So the youngest son of The Princess of Hearts is off to the Middle East to give Johnny Foreigner a taste of British Steel.* For a fleeting moment I had a vision of him being killed** by "friendly fire" from Uncle Sam's Best, followed by State Funeral, National Mourning, Dubya and his lapdog Blair being given the elbow by their respective governments, troops out of Iraq, peace on earth. But only for a moment - even one life lost in this futile war is one too many. Just stop. Now.

* Or is it Corus now?

** Not that I've got anything against the Monarchy. It's one of the few things*** we've got that our former colony can't ever have, unless they give up this foolishness, renounce their "independence" and come back to the loving arms of the Mother Country. Ah, go on, you know you want to. We'd still take you back.

*** That and class.**** We may be poor but we're posh.

****And a sense of irony.


kissme said...

Oh this stupid computer. Took so long to get the bloody comment window I've forgotten what I was going to say.

Obviously it was very witty.

Cat said...

My friend's brother's serving in Iraq at the moment. No headlines about that though.

PI said...

Headlines will be no comfort to Harry or his mother if he gets shot. Let's pray your friend's brother, Harry and all out there survive.

PI said...

Sorry I meant Harry's gran. I often skip a generation.

Mr Farty said...

Kissme - That was sheer genius, laughed my socks off.
btw, if you right-click and open in new window (or new tab) you can get a full-sized comments box. If I can figure out how to get that with a left-click, I'll do it.

Cat - Hope your friend's brother gets home in one piece.

Pi - We know what you meant.

I see Blair has decided to withdraw 3,000 troops in May, perhaps he's been reading this blog ;-)