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Monday, 19 February 2007

Hit Gossip

Daughter C came traipsing in on Saturday and asked who was on The Friday Night Project? Why, Gossip, I replied. Who? Only the sexiest woman on earth, said I, playing it back for her*. Man, that lady must be the world champion cake eater! Hot or what? And then on Sunday, my new fave popular beat combo rocketed 7 places up the Hit Parade to the giddy heights of...number 31! You go, girl!

I was going to post something about Britney Spears and her "don't look at me, I'm shy" act, but everyone else will be doing that anyway, so I shan't bother.

* omg, I'm hipper than my daughter.


Cat said...

I find this a bit odd. The Gossip have been around for years, and suddenly they are top of the Radio 1 playlist. I suspect those trails for that dreadful Skins programme have a lot to do with it.

Mr Farty said...

Cat - wtf is Skins? No, don't bother; if you think it's dreadful, I'll take your word for it. Yes, I looked up the band on the google and was quite surprised I hadn't heard of them before.

Nice colour photo, btw.