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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Damned If You Don't

Let me get this straight.

Hannah says it's: 'A chance for women to pretend they don’t care about the meaningless, commercial stupidity but then throw the le Creuset at their man when he takes her suggestion he buy her “nothing” literally'.

Chaucer's Bitch says: 'When I told him "I hate [Valentine's Day], I don't celebrate it or mark it in any way (except to complain a bit more than usual), so please don't buy me anything or do anything special," he had the good sense to take me at my word'.

Don't believe me? See for yourself (over on the right...down a bit...there. that's them).

So basically I'm up shit creek either way. Thanks, ladies.

I might as well get her that card that says: "Don't Panic, You're Safe! Bernard Matthews is only killing young birds with firm breasts."


kissme said...

I'm going away for most of the day tomorrow, and setting off quite early so my husband presented me with a dozen roses - and a bunch of lilies - this evening.

How nice was that? Except, why? Why after 26 years together is this the first time EVER he has bought me flowers (or anything but a card, actually) for Valentine's Day and the first time EVER he has bought me a dozen roses.

Why, why, why???

Hannah said...

The female prerogative, y'see? We never actually say what we mean. Designed to confuse. Sorry!

BOSSY said...

Shit Creek doesn't sound like a very romantic destination to Bossy. Better hire a new travel agent.

Mr Farty said...

Kissme - He's got a bit on the side, obv. Check for blonde hairs on the sofa when you get back. Unless you have a golden retriever, in which case he might get away with it.

Hannah - Hello and grrr! Is MC Cameron Stout off Big Brother?

Bossy - I got her the card. No, not that one, a nice one. And she hadn't got one for me because she meant what she'd said, and got all embarrassed, and we had a wee cuddle. So Shit Creek is off the cards for the mo. Phew!

Hannah said...

Huh? Who...?

kissme said...

Sadly as we're at uni together he doesn't have time to actually see something - and therefore, and more to the point, neither do I :-(

kissme said...

I mean someone - but then something might be more appropriate!

Mr Farty said...

Kissme - Something?? Then it is that blonde bitch!

Hannah - If you think I've got nothing better to do than hang around Maddogs looking out for likely suspects...hmmm, there's an idea.