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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tickle Me Tuesday

Doesn't Tickle Me Tuesday come around fast? Anyway, some random stuff from the news caught my eye when I should have been working; see what you think.

Merkan fast-food outlet Dunking Doughnuts has been caught out promoting terrorism by using pictures of would-be suicide bomber [are you sure this is right? Ed] Rachael Ray in their ads. Whoever the feck she is. Personally, I find pictures of Ronald MacFeckingDonald much more offensive. FWIW.

Rachael Ray

Brad Jayakody was stopped by bouncers airport security at everyone's favourite airline terminal because he was carrying a gun. Er, a picture of a gun. On his t-shirt. "So what?", you may ask.


This particular picture of a gun was the arm of a Transformers robot, which, as any fule kno, can suddenly and without warning change its form from an innocuous car to a deadly fighting machine. Holy crap, Batman! This looks like an excuse to post a picture of Transformers star Megan Fox!

Megan Fox

A "lost tribe" has been discovered in the Amazon. Well, not so much a tribe as the "special" lineup of I'm A Sleb, who the producers "forgot" to get out of there. So now you know why The Chuckle Brothers, Mark Lamarr, Pete Waterman, Jade Goody and Tatu have been off our screens for so long.

Lost Tribe

Toot toot!


Jacki said...

It's not fair that Megan Fox looks that good. Of course she's also like 10 years younger than me or something. And besides, aren't they supposed to be in highschool or something in that film?

And there are several "celebrities" that I would love to see dropped off on some island and forgotten about.

BK said...

"can suddenly and without warning change its form from an innocuous car to a deadly fighting machine."
Well there you go, they were right to stop him then!

Mr H said...

Ooh - Rachael Ray is luverly - I often watch her cookery show on Diva TV(?). I'm not sure, it's a couple of button pushes past Hallmark, but before the History Channel. A woman who cooks and eats! Luxury. But not a heifer like Nigella.

The perfect woman - although she's eaten a lot since this was taken

Brom said...

Oi - leave the Chuckle Brothers alone.

The last pic looks like a bit of my dad's old train set with a few airfix cwboys and indians thrown in.

Mr Farty said...

Jacki - She was probably born with a really ordinary name like...oh. Megan Denise Fox.

Big Brother starts in the UK tomorrow, so that'll be a whole new batch of Z-listers to add to the pile.

BK - Absolutely!

H - Oh, you can get Rachael Ray here now? Might be worth tuning in for...

I very nearly used that picture instead of the one in the post, mmmmm!

Brom - Or Action Man & Barbie!

VE said...

When you're done messin' with the lost tribe, your post request is up on my blog today.

Mr Farty said...

VE - I'll be right over!