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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Merkan-English Dictionary #13

For some reason I thought I might be running out of material by now. (Don't you wish!)


Self-explanatory, really. Without doing any actual research, since that would be too much like hard work, I'd have to say that British lemonade, as sold in bottles, has never been near an actual lemon. It's fizzy, and sweet, slightly bitter, and that's about it.

Not to be confused with Merkan Cream Soda, which is even sweeter but without the bitter edge. I've never tried Merkan Cream Soda as sold in Merka, but something tells me it ain't the same.

LemonadeMerkan lemonade appears to be some weird concoction made from yellow fruit and cane sugar. What is that all about?

Oh. And British soda is a cooking ingredient.Baking Soda

Are there any more Merkan/English words which you find confusing? Do let me know and I'll try to splain for you!

Toot toot!


Memarie Lane said...

Cream soda here is vanilla flavored, no lemons involved whatsoever.

I'd like to know more about your food over there, like what exactly are Spotted Dick and Bubble and Squeak?

Jacki said...

It makes me sick even thinking about Cream Soda....it is too sweet for me.

Lemonade is good though. You should try it.

Sewmouse said...

OOOh - yeah - what memarie lane said!! Especially - WTF is "Toad in a Hole?"

Here in Merka, a toad in a hole is an amphibian in a dug-out spot in the soil. How in the 9 hells can you eat THAT???

And pudding? Do y'all eat that much actuall pudding? Or is that a catchall for desserts in general?

john.g. said...

Farty, don't even go down the Bubble and Squeak path!

BOSSY said...

Yes, define "toot".

Liz said...

There are several types of soda available in the UK and I certainly would not recommend the drinking of or baking with the soda crystals that I use to unblock my sink!

Mr Farty said...

Marie - We don't have vanilla flavor here. I think you'll find it's flavour :b

Jacki - I will.

Sew - I'll splain Toad in the Hole if you'll splain giving people hams. Srsly.

I ♥ pudding.

John - Oh, thanks for putting that idea in my head!

BOSSY - Your wish is my command.

Liz - You mean I wasn't supposed to pep up my cocktail with soda crystals? Oopsy.