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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Fantasy Film Director

I've just seen that new Harrison Ford effort, Indiana Jones and the Golden Zimmer or whatever it's called. Little Miss Farty's fiancé tagged along as he's into that kind of thing too. He reckoned the


little flashing tracker devices were cool, but completely anachronistic for 1957. Totally ruined it for him, 'cos everything else was so believable.

This got me reminiscing about my favourite moments in film and tv...

I remembered that X-Files episode where Scully is abducted by aliens who take her in their spaceship and dress her up in a nurse's uniform and then perform experiments to see what happens when they spank her with a table-tennis bat.

What do you mean, you "don't remember that one"? It's an absolute classic.

Or did I just dream it?


Nothing on Youtube or IMDB. *sigh*

Anyway. Imagine that some coke-addled Hollywood film producer has just handed you a blank cheque. You can make any film you like, with your own choice of actors, plot, locations etc. What would your fantasy film/tv series be like?



Memarie Lane said...

I know this is really nerdy, but I always thought it would be neat to make a film about a world without language. People have to communicate via body language, music would have no words, business signs would just be pictures.

Or maybe I'd make a film version of The Alchemist.

Diesel said...

I'd remake Dune with trained hamsters.

Giggle! said...

HAHAHAHAH That looks like a scene out of RAT GiRL!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr F.

I think i'd like to make a James Bond film where there was no story whatsoever, just a succession of brainless stunts in which Bond trashes cars, buildings, entire cities, and no one seems to mind much.

And girls with big breasts.

Did i just say that?

Jacki said...

It would be one in which I have a fling with Gabriel Aubry, the dude that got Halle Berry pregnant. He's hot!

Mr Farty said...

Marie - That would have been really cool last year, during the writers' strike. And you wouldn't need to have it translated for the overseas market.

Never heard of The Alchemist till now, but allegedly it's due for release "next year", so you may be in luck.

Diesel - You mean the original had humans?

Giggle - *blushes*

Now there's an idea - Rat Girl - The Movie. You should deffo go for that one!

Asym - Sorry, but I think that's already been done. 17 times.

Jacki - Go take a cold shower. But wait till I set up my webcam :-)~

I'd like to see Ringworld, but that seems to have been on hold forever, sigh.

VE said...

Is that a genuine Forrest Gump paddle he's spanking with?

Mr Farty said...

VE - Hmmm? Paddle? Sorry, my mind was elsewhere.

No sir, the paddles are not related!

john.g. said...

Farty, pop over to mine and see what Spanish Goth has set me! Do feel free to join in!

Mr Farty said...

John - I'm lost for words. Really.