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Monday, 9 June 2008

Manic Monday

So much to blog about, so little time.

First things first. Sarah Peach has put together a bloggy book in support of the Warchild charity. And here it is:

You're Not The Only One - Charity Book for Warchild

It's got over a hundred articles in it, culled from some of the best minds in the blogosphere...which explains why I'm not in it. But it does have Anna off Little Red Boat. And Cat in the Cathouse. And Mike off Troubled Diva who did Shaggy Blog Stories last year. Miss Tickle, who sold me the word "sparkling". I could go on.

Tired Dad, Unreliable, enidd, Ariel, Léonie, Misssy, Angela-la-la, even Johnny B. Plus loads who I've never heard of till now.

You get the picture. Now get the book.

The rest of this post can only pale by comparison, but I'm good at shallow, so I'll persevere.

This was one of the first cassette tapes I ever bought. And then I wore it out by playing it on my Walkman all day every day. Oh Patti - Scritti Politti.

IBM have come up with a Roadrunner that can go faster than the one in the cartoons. Actually it's a super-dooper computer, running at petaflops speed. And it's made from spares off a Sony PS3. Now that it's been tested, it's to be disassembled and moved to New Mexico, where it will monitor the US nuclear stockpile.

Three reasons why you should be worried by this development:

1. No disassemble!

2. I'm afraid, Dave.

3. Let's play Global Thermonuclear War.

Oh, crap!


VE said...

Well they never asked ME to be in their fancy dancy book! And I had a 85,000 word introspecive mood piece just waiting...

Mr Farty said...

VE - Let's face it, they're just jealous of us and the masterpieces what we write.

Cat said...

I know - I'm delighted. Now, how did you get that book image so I can put one up?

Mr Farty said...

Cat - Hopefully you got my email yesterday. Sorry it was so terse, I was working :-(