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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Summer Caption Competition Results

And the winner is...Sewmouse!

Danelek Factions

Although I'll also have to give #Debi a runner-up prize for this one:

Sex ToyOooh, baby! You said you were bringing over some BIG sex toys, but I had no idea! Thanks ever so much! (You can go now...)

Ladies, please email MrFarty at blueyonder dot co dot uk with a snail-mail address where I can dispatch your prizes. Assuming customs won't confiscate them as weapons of mass destruction...

Toot toot!


#Debi said...

Well, I am just so surprised! Thanks so much! Email sent...

Sewmouse said...

OH MY!!!

Why... Thank you, thank you so very much!

I'd like to take a moment to thank the Academy, the Studio, the Videographer, Cluthlu, My mom, Uncle Art who promised to take me fishing but then DIED instead, and especially the little people... I mean... Daleks. Especially D4, and you know who you are! *big wink*

E-mail shortly

Mr Farty said...

Girls - You'd better start building that extension room now. Daleks will be invading shortly.