Farty's Fortunes

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Dee Woon

Big Brother is, pardon my French, such a mind-numbingly dull pile of shite.

However, I always manage to get sucked into it one way or another.

One time it was Davina in a bikini.

Another time it was that bloke with Tourette's. Dave? Jim? Pete! I think...

The worst thing is hearing all the popular references on tv and in the office and wondering what the feck they're all talking about?

But this year I shall resist. Staunchly.

I'll go and read War and Peace or something. Or live in a cave. Anything to keep my head clear of that unending drivel.


Wonder if Diarmid's still doing BBLB?


Misssy M said...

They say that this year is Davina's last. Will believe it when I see it. That's Dermot and Russell gone. I'm fast running out of reasons to watch.

Mr H said...



There goes me crisp roll.

Davina in a bikini.

Oh, Christ, no....



Jacki said...

I can honestly say I never watch BB. I have seen clips online, and they are always so stressed out over the stuuupidest things.

Mr Farty said...

Misssy - You're only running out now?

H - Davina is H.O.T. Fact.

Jacki - But those are the best bits!

Argh argh must resist...

rilly super said...

I once went in the cave that Robert the Bruce is said to have stayed in on Arran Mr Farty. That was long ago back in the days of Nasty Nick of course but if even he couldn't stand the telly then you're in good company, but he did have a lot of other stuff to cope with as well I suppose

Mr Farty said...

Rilly - How did you cope with the spiders? Yeugh!

And thank you for the memory-jogger, I really must do another post on my Scotch heritage and that. Wouldn't want to keep my readers hanging on.