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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Holly's Wallabies Part 2

For what has gone before, click here. Now read on...

The hot Australian sun beat down upon the parched outback, baking the rocks and that.

"Gosh, I mean crikey it's hot," gasped Holly, "It's a good thing this hair-dryer has a cold setting."
hair dryer

Meanwhile, out at the old disused mineshaft, a baby sheepling lamb had fallen through a gap in the rusty cover and become trapped. Its frightened mewling barks cock-a-doodle bleats could be heard up to two metres from the opening.

RolferooHolly's prize wallaby, Rolf, heard the commotion and leapt into action. Bounding across the landscape in long hops, it was soon well out of sight. Being a dumb animal, it soon forgot all about the sheep.

Holly peeling a bananaA couple of days later, Holly was preparing to eat a banana. First she wrapped her fingers around it, grasped it firmly in her hand and thrust it into the special banana-peeling device.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could, eager with anticipation.

Holly bananaAnd finally she ate the banana.

What? Oh. Right. Rolf came bounding up yadeyadeyada.

To be continued...


Marie said...

Dude, what is it with men and bananas??? Do you not see that she's about to emasculate that thing with her veneered choppers?

john.g. said...

Who's she? Wouldn't throw her out of bed for eating biscuits though!

Mr H said...

Ah, Hollaby Wallaby, the secret weapon that makes men watch ice dancing without their masculinity coming under threat!

Another GREAT BRITISH invention.

I'll mebbe pop in and see her when I'm in Engerland this weekend. Get her to cook me a fried breakfast and talk about football. Then she would be perfick.

Mr Farty said...

Marie - Thanks a heap for spoiling the mental image!

John - Some chick off the telly.
Click here for part one.

Mr H - I see you watch Al Murray too. Nice.

Cat said...

I read an interview with Holly the other day where she defended her right to be a size 12. I admire her for standing up to the size zero thing, but where are we at where we consider being a size 12 to need defending? I bet if you took away her boobs, she'd be a size zero anyway...

Mr Farty said...

Cat - Size 12 means absolutely nothing to me. I wouldn't know if she was defending being fat or thin or average.

Colin Campbell said...

On behalf of the Australian Marsupial Preservation League, please do not feed bananas to kangaroos. It makes them fart.