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Monday, 21 April 2008


Olympics Free Zone

Having thought long and hard about this, and also because I have trouble spelling Olympics, I have decided to make this blog an Olympics-Free Zone. It's the least I can do. Well, I suppose I could do less, like not mention China's illegal occupation of Tibet at all. Meh.

Anyway. That's it. No more mention of the Olymics1 here.

Unless they show any beach volleyball.
Beach Volleyball

Or female gymnastics.
Female Gymnastics

There has to be some room for give and take.

1 I told you so.


denzylle said...

I wish where I live were an Olympics free zone. Time tae move tae Scotland, methinks.

john.g. said...

Oh, hell, yes!!

Marie said...

My blog is olympics free, politics free, and religion free. Helps not to have a TV though.

Mr Farty said...

Denzylle - Oh hello, you're new here. Welcome. You must be sooooooo looking forward to four more years of this. Sigh.

John - Steady!

Marie - And still funnier than mine, boo!

denzylle said...

Yes, and four more years of paying for London's Olympics. (I live in East London).

I'm not quite a virgin; I did comment on La Naomi's airport fracas.

Mr Farty said...

D - I must be getting senile, I usually visit the blogs of all my commenters before replying. Completely forgot to do that with you last time.

And yes, that's exactly what I meant by four more years. Never mind, I'm sure thay'll find a way to share the cost with Scotchland.