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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Up On The Roof

Embra is a busy old place during the festival, so I decided to get away from the hustling crowd and all that rat-race noise etc.

While I was up there, this tune drifted into my head from thirty years ago. You may like to listen while you peruse these pictures.

Bee on ThistleThistles (Pentlands in background)A Wee FlooerA Steep ClimbSalisbury Crags


john.g. said...

Great photos! Who's wailing?

Mr Farty said...

John - That "wailing" is the late, great Laura Nyro.

Jahooni said...

Nice.... great photos. I assume you took them.?.

SpanishGoth said...

Must be a big fucking house - that you could take those pictures whilst on the roof I mean

Liz said...

I've never properly visited Embra, only passed through on the train. I must add it to my list of places I want to go.

I particularly like the last photo.

Mr Farty said...

Jahooni - Did I forget again? Yes, they are mine all mine.

Goth - I was being figurative and that. On the roof of Embra, i.e. up Arthur's Seat, one of two volcanoes sitting in the city centre; the other one being Embra Castle.

Liz - I think a tourist once asked why they built the castle so near the railway line. Or was it so far from the airport? Meh.

Maybe I should think about getting onto Flicker, as Blogger can't do justice to high-res photos. In the meantime, give me a shout if you'd like me to email the 1Meg version of the castle (or any other photo) for use as wallpaper or that. I retain copyright blah blah blah.

Mr Farty said...

Ok, I got me a Flickr account. Yay me.