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Saturday, 11 August 2007

Gone Phishin' Part 2

I've had another Fraud alert from my bank. Thank goodness someone's on the case or I'd be losing my non-existent cash hand over fist.

From: Nationwide Internet Banking.® [actually orquestapromusicabenidorm dot com]
To: MrFarty@BlueYonder.co.uk [who does all his banking at Nationwide]
Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2007 2:26 PM
Subject: Nationwide Internet Banking.® (Online Banking Security Notification)


To Our Value [sic] Customer,

We are very much concerned about the credibility and efficiency of our online banking system. In doing this, we annually renew and upgrade our equipments [sic] to ensure maximum efficiency of our banking activities.

We are presently working on our secure servers to protect our online customers from online Fraud [as against offline Fraud]. More so, we have improved our banking system with up-to-date machineries [e.g. spambots] to enable [our] fast and easy access to your online banking accounts.

However,failure to update your Nationwide Account after 48hrs of notice might lead to restriction of online account access. [if you had any to begin with]

Update Your Nationwide Account Details. (Update Information)

Thank You.

Mangement [sic]

Nationwide Internet Banking.

Honestly, their command of English is worse than my grasp of Latin.


Catherine said...

Michele sent me to visit your very entertaining blog. It gave me a whole new light on the good citizens of "Embra". (Which, if I have translated correctly, I hope to visit next month)
Greetings from downunder - my ancestors emigrated to Dunedin = Edinburgh of the south

Catherine said...

Oh, and by the way, I pinched myself, and I'm not an imaginary friend, I'm real.

Mr Farty said...

Catherine - Oh, a kiwi! I've never had one of them here before. Welcome. Hope Embra isn't too chilly for you.

Karen said...

Hi! Um, I think that's spam, right? It sure sounds like it! Be careful!

Hope you're having a great weekend. Michele sent me!

Theo said...

laughing. or to be more IM correct, LMAO!!!

nice to 'meet' you.

Michele sent me and says HI!

Mr Farty said...

Karen - I work in IT for a large financial institution, but thanks for the advice!

Theo - back at ya!

Sewmouse said...

I have an e-mail account that uses my pseudonymn (First name? Sew. Last name? Mouse)

I get these kinds of e-mails too - Dear Ms. Mouse:


Liz said...

The sad thing about this type of email is that there really are people out there who think they are genuine and who will reply.

Cat said...

Even if this was genuine, the appalling spelling and grammar would make me delete it...

Nichola said...

I wonder if they're related to those lovely gentlemen in Nigeria who need my help to launder...er, 'hold' some cash then send it onto them...?

Mr Farty said...

Sew - Brilliant! It's probably Tom trying to tease you out of your mousey-hole!

Liz - That's why I post these things up, to warn the hard-of-thinking. Do join in.

Cat - I have seen genuine documents, posted to customers, where the organisation referred to itself as a BNAK. My terms of employment forbid me from naming the culprit.

Nichola - I have no idea cough 419 scam to whom you might be referring.