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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Trust No-One

Nowadays, it's best to take anything you see on the telly with a large pinch of salt. What with rigged phone votes, invented arguments between Brenda and some foreign snapper, and now ITV faking the death of an Alzheimer's patient, next thing you know NASA will be admitting that the Apollo Moon Landings were filmed in Hollywood. Thank goodness we have t'internet, which is well known for its truthfulness and honesty.


Anyway, what's in the news this week? Animals, that's what.

A Cat YesterdayFirst we have Shipman, the tabby who lives in a Rhode Island nursing home. Once he's given you the cat-scan of death, you'd better start scribbling your will.

Then there's the Doctor Who Woo won a million dollar prize after successfully creating the first human-porcine hybrid. Jade GoodyPig-Man

And now we have the Oxford Goose creating a flap. As it were.

Right. That's me. Off to read Gordon Brown's blog now. You can always trust a Scotchman.


Misssy M said...

Bless ya, Farty.

Gordy's mate.

BOSSY said...

Aw fer chrissakes, son, you made me spit me wine on the computer again.

rilly super said...

mr farty sir, this is just the kind of quality reportage we've come to expect from the country that gave us kirsty wark

Mr Farty said...

Misssy - Feck, what have I let myself in for?

BOSSY - Then my work here is done.

Rilly - Kirsty ???? Oh, Wark.

Drama Queen said...

I hope he just predicts the deaths and doesn't CAUSE them. . .

Mr H said...

Hmm, took great delight in watching a bizarre duck / seagull hybrid ( a suck? a deagle?) falling off a bowling green ledge into the bowling green ditch today.

Highly amusing. Not as funny as small children falling over, but it kept going for a wee while.