Farty's Fortunes

Monday, 28 May 2007

Adventures In The Canada Part 4

Up to Hope Slide, where thousands eleven four people lost their lives when an earthquake shook half a mountainside loose and buried part of a highway and filled in a lake back in 1965. Saw Chip and Dale running amogst the rocks, so threw them some crisps which they had no trouble picking up in their nimble paws, even though the crisps were as big as the chipmonks themselves.

Later, took the SkyTrainTM down to the harbour, then the SeaBusTM across to Lonsdale Quay (which they pronounce kway), had a Hawaiian Burger for lunch, then went for a wander. Saw the Canadian Outback and a New York taxi. Pictures to follow.

Luckily, Fucktard has several grown-up kids who all hate him, so there was plenty of accommodation available when he decided to throw out the other three members of our party - Mrs F's brother, sister and brother-in-law - after him inviting us to stay with him, taking three weeks off work to show us the sights, etc. Screw him. We're off to Vancouver Island tomorrow for a couple of days, then down to the US for the weekend. Fucktard couldn't join us even if he wanted, on account of the Yanks won't admit anyone with a criminal record. Hahahahaha! He kept that one quiet.


john.g. said...

Enjoy Vancouver, my Dad says it's the nicest place on earth.

rilly super said...

mr farty, please be careful, after your lavishly gracious descriptions of your host you are sure to be deluged with enough invitatations as to make the great Hope Slide landslip of '65 look like the proverbial 'hill of beans'

f:lux said...

Ooh, I stupidly assumed there might not be any account till you got back home, but here they are - installments! Looking forward to the photies though. And glad to hear you're having a good time despite (ahem) setbacks?

lady macleod said...

What a world! What a world!

Mr Farty said...

John - Your Dad is a smart cookie. The Island is fan.bloody.tastic. We saw bears, eagles, hummingbirds, deer, trees...lots of trees.

Rilly - We've already been asked to come back - and swapped invitations.

F:Lux - If we'd stayed with our original host, we'd still be without t'internet. And climbing the walls. Having a v.v.g. time, tx.

Lady M - Indeed.

Off to the US tomorrow, if they'll let us in.

*must remember not to wear turban*

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