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Friday, 18 May 2007

Plagiarist? Moi?

This was going to be a brilliant post about something or other, but someone spoke to me and it went clean out of my head. Must write the fecking things down when I think of them, doh!

Anyway, Spanish Goth mentioned this in his blog so I've stolen borrowed it.

You find the oddest things when you check your site stats to track how people found your blog.
This week it's:
Yaeli shoes - say what?
Fern Britton Coke - I can't believe she would - oh, that kind!
Banoffee Pie - well, I do make the tastiest banoffee pie in the world!
Emily Symons tits/flashing pussy shots/up skirt - Feckin perv! I see she's renegotiated her contract and been allowed to stay in the show barely escaped with her life.
Lorraine Kelly up skirt - naughty Cat!
Farty knickers - say no more - and
How to make slime that farts - can you do that?

And you?

We're off this weekend to the Canada. Can either of you keep an eye on LMF while we're away? Keep her supplied with Pot Noodles and she'll be fine. Ta. But no Quavers.

Toot toot!


Timbo said...

I keep getting searches for 'Fern Britton tits' and 'wetpant'.

The world is full of fucking weirdos.

Have fun in Canada geezer!

john.g. said...

I must be lucky or boring, because I don't get any searches.

Cat said...

I just checked mine, and there were two searches for Lorraine Kelly up-the-skirt shots this very evening. Plus one rather bewildering one for "dogging spot in bath".

I always find it a bit disconcerting when people search for my blog by name for some reason.

lady macleod said...

Mine is fairly spot on, but Q gets the Racy title searches, as do you I see!

Have a great trip. Which coast? Canada is lovely.

Mr Farty said...


Vancouver. Bye!

lettuce said...

dogging spot in bath, hah!

slime that farts - silly putty?

Drama Queen said...

I talked about this too last week: Funniest one, 'zoe mcconnell naked’

I have never mentioned the bird in my life!!!!

rilly super said...

I am the number six ranked result for 'damp knickers romantic novels'. At last, I've made it, sob

kissme said...

I wouldn't know how to check my site stats, but then no-one comes to visit me.

Having looked at my site I would have to say I don't blale them - it's bloody boring.

Pot noodles? My sister's favourite food - and sadly that's totally true.

kissme said...

And have a lovely time.....

Bring me back a Mountie or three

SpanishGoth said...

I didn't start this, someone else did.....

However, today's class act is Hair on Twats

What puzzles me is not the freaks that do the searches but why, if my site is not number one, they scroll down and then follow it

Enjoy Canada bud

BOSSY said...

Bossy isn't sure it's a good sign that folks stumble on her blog when looking up "Inappropriate Workplace Touching."

Suze said...

Not only do we get strange things appearing on our stats but we also had a visit from the Vatican City.

Now who could that have been...

Mr Farty said...

At last, a Canadian who's got t'internet! Yay!

Letty - Is that dogging in THE bath or dogging in Bath?

DQ - I wouldn't know who Zoe McConnell is, and I definitely don't have her 2007 calendar. Which Mrs Farty won't let me hang up.

Rilly - Fame at last, eh?

Kissme - I visit you. Sometimes. It's so true though what Goth(?) said, after a while you don't bother looking to see how many visits you've had. I prefer to check my comments, so that I can steal ideas.

Oh. Seen one cardboard Mountie so far. There was a security camera, so I couldn't nick it. Drat!

S - I'd be scared to google Lorraine Kelly up skirt, cos I'm probably on page one by now!

BOSSY - I'll be sure to look up your skirt, I mean blog, before I leave.

Suze - Welcome, I think. Having just had a quick peek at your blog, I'm not surprised you get odd visits. The Vatican, eh? I suppose even papa gets the occasional urge...