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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Good Sense Of Humor?

Me: Healthy, happy, intelligent and active professional single man, 45, originally from southern California building a house in Baja California Sur, about 900 miles below San Diego on the Sea of Cortez. Sometime hang glider pilot, downhill skier, and offroad racer, I love anything in, on, or under the ocean. Power boating, sailing, winery tours, bicycling, blues, jazz or rock concerts, Morrisey, dancing, fishing, kayaking, woodworking, tennis and weekend getaways are just a few of my interests. Improving my salsa dancing is my next goal.

You: A sense of humor is mandatory, as is intelligence. If you like the ocean and water activities, music, dancing and travel I would be captivated!!!

A walk along the beach to a nice restaurant to engage in conversation, enjoy a nice meal, and sip a glass of wine. Dancing afterwards would really complete the evening for me...all of this shared with a lady with a sparkle in her eye.

N.B. Big tits essential.


Cat said...

Argh - you got the spelling wrong!

(Good job I have small tits or Mrs Farty would have something to worry about...)

Mr Farty said...

Cat - Oopsy. Bit of a giveaway that I'm a bigger fan of the Smurfs than the Smiths.

john.g. said...

How do you do all of those things "on, in, or under the water"? BTW, I don't have tits, so to speak.

Mr Farty said...

John - Wot, not even man boobs?

kissme said...

Into water activities?

I've heard about that sort of thing.

Timbo said...

I'm all yours.

Drama Queen said...

If there wasn't a Mrs Farty then you'd just be too good to be true. I ignored the tits bit. . .obviously.

Mr Farty said...

Kissme - Eew!

Timbo - Yay! I've scored!

DQ - I am way too good to be true.