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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Computer Terms Illustrated - Photoshop Special

Not that I've ever used Photoshop or that...


BlurOr possibly Oasis, I can never remember which is which. All these boy bands look alike.


Red Eye

Burned Edges
Burned_EdgesI used to be able to read this. Seriously.

ZoomI ♥ Chris Foss.



ScanAlien life form detected, Captain. No, wait...that's me.

Flood Fill


Princes Street, Embra. Great here, innit?


Jelly said...

I really need to get me one of those sharpeners...

Awesome :-)

Mr Farty said...

Jelly Wrestler - Thanks. Feck, just realised that's two JW's I'm following. Meh. I'll live.

Will said...


Mr Farty said...

Will - Now I've got the munchies.

Lesley said...

Holy crap. You've combined two of my greatest loves: Your Illustrated Computer Terms posts and Photoshop. I am seriously in blog ecstasy. I could die now and be totally happy.


Mr Farty said...

Lesley - You find this crap exciting? Have you considered getting a life? Me neither.


Sewmouse said...

Reference the "Crop" photo.


So, like... those lights. I heard somewhere that cops had some way of sensing grow-lights inside your house from outside and were pestering people and busting them for growing the EVIL WEED©?

*slow exhale*

I was thinking of getting a grow-lite for the Lime Tree, but I really don't want to have the police around alla time because of my lime tree which is NOT an EVIL WEED© plant.


Ché said...

Thanks to my numerous e-mail contacts, I can get you a real ph0t0sh0p license, F-Bags, and i'll throw in a bag of v1agr4 for free.

$15, or $20 if you're not conversant in Thai.

Mr Farty said...

Sew - The way the filth can sense your grow-lights from outside is by watching your power bill skyrocket.

Can't you grow your tree outside? Or is it too darn cold?

McChé - I already have a real PaintShopPro license, have no idea what F-bags are (yet) and WTF would I want them blue pills for? I'm 14, remember?


Still no idea. I'm so naïve.

Sewmouse said...

Is far too cold here for Lime Tree to go outside. And far too dark inside to bring it outside for a summer vacation. (It would get sunburn and die, oddly enough)

Actually, it might be fun to have the coppers come to the house and look in all my closets for the cannibis sativa plant that I'm not growing, and to disappoint them with a Lime Tree. What would really be delicious is if the grow-lite would make it brite enough for the Lime Tree to grow limes on it - and squirt one up the cop's nose.