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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I'm An Asshole

The clue, mes amis, is in the name.

I've got visitors coming and the place is a 'king mess. 'King hell, there's no time, I'll just sweep the worst of it under the carpet and hope they're too polite to mention it.

But first...

When is L smaller than M but bigger than XL? No cheating.

A recent autopsy on King Henry VIII showed that he had brain damage from a jousting fall, plus syphilis. Was he mad? Well, he wisnae very pleased.

Scotchland is on the brink of seceding from the union with Englandland, taking her cue from Texas. All hail 'King Mel!

How can you guarantee re-election without rigging the vote? Apparently you could do worse than dropping dead of a heart attack after rescuing your town from the great muskrat crisis of '08. I love you Merkans. So much blog fodder just sitting there...

My new motto: Any solution that depends on people not being lazy morons will never work. So true...

New government health and safety initiative: Children to be put to death "for their own good". That'll keep the pedos at bay. Except the necrophiliacs, I suppose. Feck, this blog is going to get a lot of hits for all the wrong reasons.

Coming soon: Farty's Fuckit List. Are you on tenterhooks yet?

How about now?


Anna Russell said...

An anti-Semitic Australian with a drink problem or Gordon Brown? Mel gets my vote.

Middle Aged Woman said...

When is L smaller than M but bigger than XL?

When it's 50. Clever Merkan, eh? This is my second run-in with these today!

#Debi said...

I see MAW got to the answer before me--when it's Roman numerals...

john.g. said...

Nah, fuckit!

Mr Farty said...

Anna - When you put it that way, I think I'll stay with Liz.

MAW - Clever you!

#Debi - You too!

John - I'll get right on it.