Farty's Fortunes

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

IT Security

Hello IT Support have you tried turning it off and on again?

Hi, it's me.

Hello me.

Can you tell me your password?

Let me think about thatno.

But I can't get onto the internets from my own account!

The account your bf used to infect my PC with a virus last month?

Er, yes. Sorry about that.

So you want me to give you my password to my account so you can infect my PC with another virus?

Yes ple- I mean, I really need to get onto the internets!

No you don't. Bye.

Smiple really.


I've Been Mugged said...

I've been having the very same problem!

Vodka Mom said...

never tell!!!!!!

Mr Farty said...

IBM - Hello. Come in, sit down. Cup of Saurian brandy?

VM - Never surrender! What if I - theoretically - had a stash of porn in my account or that?

I've Been Mugged said...

Farty...what a lovely host you are.

Mr Farty said...

IBM - Aye, Ah ken, Ah ken. Mah door's always open, table piled high wi' food - all reasonably priced. Ye can pay yer tab as ye leave. Do come again!