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Friday, 28 November 2008

Farty's Friday Chart

Yes, yes, I know it's late. I forgot I've been extremely busy lately.

Anyway, with St Andrew's Day just around the corner, this one seems appropriate.

Lofty Peak

Also, check out this educational video on How It's Made.

If ye'r no' fae roond heer, ye'll probly no' get it. The noo.

Caun ye name thon choon?


Middle Aged Woman said...

This Merkan dinnae ken.

Cinn said...

I can understand being busy! But I will admit, I don't get it...

Mr Farty said...

MAW - Take a look at my wallpaper.

Ms Fully Delicious - Welcome back!
If I tell you that Lofty Peak's mill used to be in Glasgow, would that help?

john.g. said...


Brom said...

Please don't tell me it's Flour of Scotland... no, please dont.... no,no,no
that's terrible,

Misssy M said...

I was going to say "You raise me up" but then I got it, and shame on you, you terrible pun-meister!

Cat said...

Rise - Blue?

Mr Farty said...

John - You're not Scotch, obv.

Missy - You Raise Me Up - Mrs F loves that one, especially when they do that trick of standing up and singing at the same time.

Cat - I'd forgotten Blue were a Glasgow group, well spotted!

I'm not really a Blue fan, except for Capture Your Heart.

Brom - Flour of - oh, good Lord, the thought never even crossed my mind. *cough* Oh, all right, except when I composed this post.

The first concert I ever attended was The Corries in the Usher Hall. It was great.

The Corries - Flower of Scotland.