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Sunday, 9 November 2008

I Receive An Electromail

Venn That Tune

...from some bloke plugging his new book, Venn That Tune, to be published on November 13th. As he puts it, "It’s a book of classic song titles portrayed as Venn diagrams and graphs – what’s not to love?"

Frankly, it looks like a complete ripoff of that genius Salvadore Vincent, whose own excellent series of Venn diagrams illustrating song titles was the inspiration for my own Friday Charts (except that I tend to avoid using Venn diagrams because they're too fecking hard to compose artistically restrictive).

I immediately challenge the imposter, and receive the following cryptic response: "To be honest, Salvadore is a bit overrated and I end up doing most of the work."

How hard can it be? <clicky>

Flying Without Wings

I'm outclassed. Go buy his book. You won't regret it. * thinks - how to illustrate that Walker Brothers hit as a Venn diagram? It's probly in the book *


Honey said...

i think i'm brain dead.
i laughed at goths entries for the christmas comp and really that's as far a my brain would let me cope.
all i can see are boxes and more boxes for packing, it may yet be death by blue screen by me.
loved the venns

Honey said...

well two mins of surfing found me
do they count?

Mr Farty said...

Honey - Oooh, those are good. I bet you could do better with a paintbrush, but I'll take these as your entries. kthxbai xx