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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Xmas Poll

Blue Peter are putting up an Xmas tree this year, but can't decide what to call the fairy at the top. So they've decided to have a poll amongst their few remaining viewers. Please select a name from the list on the right - we promise the winning name, regardless of what it turns out to be, will definitely be used.

Note: Anyone picking the name Mohammed will be given forty lashes and jailed for up to six months.


Cat said...

Bonkers, isn't it. That poor woman.

I saw a Muslim chap from some organisation on GMTV this morning talking about it, and apparently the name Mohammed should never be used for an inanimate object. Then it is deemed to be a "false God" which people can worship.

I can't imagine people lining up to worship a kids' teddy bear, but who knows...

Mr Farty said...

Cat - Putting the "mental" back into fundamentalism. For FSM's sake!

Colin Will said...

Has to be Socks. You always get Socks at Xmas.

Misssy M said...

In the same vein as Colin then the fairy shall be called "Influenza"- cos we always get that too.

And such a lovely girl's name; right up there with Clamydia and Vaginica.

Anyways, don't matte much as the show's producers will have already decided.

Mr Farty said...

Colin - Oh, dear. I should have thought of that.

Misssy - How can you be so cynical?