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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Rewriting History

Funny how the mind plays tricks on you. Back in 1999, Scotch tv presenter Gail Porter famously had her lovely bum projected onto the outside of the Houses of Parliament, a move which was generally seen as a vast improvement on the arseholes inside the building.

Since then, the poor girl has suffered a series of misfortunes which have resulted in her progressively losing her beautiful long hair. Even her eyebrows.

The thing is, even though I know that 1999 photo was taken before she lost her hair, in my mind's eye she's up there in Westminster right now, bald as a coot.

And still gorgeous.


john.g. said...

Hear, hear!!

Jahooni said...

If I had her body I wouldn't care if I didn't have any hair!

Drama Queen said...

She looks great regardless!

Jo said...

I agree - hair or no hair, she's still projection-worthy.

Mr Farty said...

John, Jahooni & Jo - Hair, hair!

DQ - Welcome back. Has Belgium woken up again, then?

Cripes! 10,000+ visitors. When did that happen? Meh. Probly pervs looking for porn. I'm tempted to do a Goth - put lots of dirty words in, just to piss the filthy bastards off when they get here.

Naked lesbo baby-oil tulip orgy.

livesbythewoods said...

*Tch* You took me off you blogroll.

Was it the abuse of little old ladies you didn't like or what?

Mr Farty said...

Lucy With a Y wot Lives By The Woods - Feck, how did that happen? I am a numpty. <clicky> There.

Now, what little old ladies?

Scotsman said...

For some reason I've always preferred brunettes and redheads. I've generally not been attracted to blondes for whatever unknown reason, however there have been two exceptions - Michelle Pfeiffer and Gail Porter, and I don't think it was anything to do with hair because I still like her bald.