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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Look Before You Leap

I couldn't help laughing when I saw this story in today's news. If you can't be arsed clicking on the link, or it doesn't work, I'll summarise.

Someone was seen trying to break into cars in a casino parking lot in Florida. When police approached a completely innocent bystander with 25 previous convictions for car theft who matched the perpetrator's description, he ran off and jumped into a lake. Such as you find in Florida's alligator-infested Everglades.

Sorry, but anyone who ignores a sign saying: "Danger! Live Alligators!" deserves what they get.

This is even better than the one about another criminal who jumped over a low wall to escape the police. It was only three feet high on his side. And twenty on the other. With a railway line at the bottom.

File under "self-inflicted".

Do you have a favourite Darwin Award winner?


Jahooni said...

Wait, my AUNT lives in Florida....!!

Could it be her son? Let me hurry to watch the 11:00pm News!

Mr H said...

To be fair, I once did something similar trying to run away from Dalkeith,which is understandable.

The three foot wall in my case, turned into a twenty foot drop on the other side. With rose bushes at the bottom.

Which pretty much sums up Dalkeith.

john.g. said...

I saw this too! Made me giggle, as the headline in the paper was "THIEF'S WRONG TURN!"

Mr Farty said...

J - Eek! What kind of family have you got? Oh, like mine. Right.

H - Yup, a twenty-foot drop into rosebushes would be an improvement on Dalkeith. Mind, Eskbank up the road is quite nice.

John - One bad turn deserves another.

Jozet at Halushki said...

I love the Darwin Awards. They make me feel better about having three kids (one more than replacement breeding) knowing that there are folks out there doing themsevles in honestly.

My own personal favorite is the story about my friend's brother. A bunch of his friends dared him to ride his motorcycle head-on into a tree. And so he did.

BOSSY said...

God you're good for a morning giggle. Is that what the wife says, then?

Mr Farty said...

Jozet - Ah, another of Bossy's stalkers. Hello. John (above) had the reverse experience, a tree rode head-on into him. Stupid tree.

Bossy - Likewise, definitely NSFW. What Mrs Farty and I get up to in the morning is strictly between me, her and the goat.