Farty's Fortunes

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Loue Doth Bleede

Fro romaunce cut off
Ich ye peyne smert suffreth nat
Onis or tweye tymes ynogh was
And vainlye was it al
Tyme wendeth onn
Ere ye knowest it ye be freezen

But som thynge chanced
Wyth thee initiallye
Myne heorte vnto ye very soile doth melte
Som thynge trve descouvert
Eek everich oon ys castynge aboote
Weneth Ich am becom as Heather de Mills

But Ich rekketh nat what they speake
Ich dost loue thee sikerly
To pewlle me awaye they doth try
Yet they noot sooth
Mine herte ys y-cripped by ye veine
That Ich dost shutten ayen
Thou bvtchereth me & Ich

Kepe y-bleedyng
Kepe, kepe y-bleedyng loue
Ich kepe y-bleedyng
Ich kepe, kepe y-bleedyng loue

Wyth apollogys to Geoffrey Chaucer and Leona le Wys.


john.g. said...

And I'm glad I posted in th technical manual form!

Cat said...

I read in the NME that this record's about periods and now it makes me feel a bit ill.

Mr Farty said...

John writing a technical manual - Oh, the irony!

Cat - Ew!

BOSSY said...

Bossy thinks she needs new glasses.

Mr Farty said...

BOSSY shouldst think herself lucky Ich did nat post this in an Olde Englishe font. Innit?