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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Spot The Difference

Forecast: Up to 10cm of snow in Embra over Easter.

Actuality: Upto 10cm
And I needed a fast shutter speed to catch even that much.

Forecast: The baggage handling system at Heathrow Terminal 5 will handle both intra-terminal and inter-terminal luggage and will actually process 70,000 bags a day.

Actuality: 33 flights cancelled (so far) on day one and three flights took off with no baggage at all after the entire baggage system crashed.

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Webber

Andrew Lloyd Weber: Weber


Jacki said...

Haha...great one about Heathrow!!

I think Denmark got the 10 cm of snow Scotland was supposed to get. Peter's mom sent pictures and they had quite a bit.

Marie said...

Maybe you could put his head in a toilet? One that hasn't been flushed in awhile?

Mr Farty said...

Jacki - I have a friend who thinks he's flying into Heathrow T5 on Sunday. Bwahahaha!

Marie - Ew! That would totally ruin his rugged handsomeness.

Laurie said...

It sounds as though Heathrow used the baggage handling system at Denver International Airport as a template. I'm pretty sure some of the luggage that disappeared into that in 1995 has never been found.

Honey said...

ALW killed my baby name. I loved the names Nancy Grace. But then he had to run a competition 'finding the next nancy' or something n national tv (oliver) ugh, now there is no way I get to use my favourite name, sigh. He ruins everything.

Mr Farty said...

Laurie - The irony is that BAA/BA chose to learn every lesson that could be learned from Denver. They made a big deal of the amount of load testing they'd done, in the hour-long documentary aired on UK channel five, just two days before Heathrow T5 died on its arse.

Honey - I thought "finding the next Nancy" was the search for Graham Norton's replacement ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Mr Farty said...

Hmmm. Might have to think about getting a spam filter.