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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Half and Half

The UK government is shortly to vote on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. This would, if passed, allow scientists to create half-human, half-animal cybrids.

Little MermaidHow cool would that be? We could cross humans with fish (fishes?) to create people who could breathe underwater through gills, feed off krill and plankton and release some of the population pressure on the land surface of the planet. No more worries about global warming inundating the cities - just live under the sea!

Is it in yet?Or we could cross humans with horses to create people that could eat and digest grass. Cut out all the time and effort of beef production. Forget about raising and killing cows for food. That would keep even the vegans happy!

A minotaur yesterdayOr if you just love the taste of steak, at least you could give the creature a fighting chance. I'm astonished nobody has thought of this before!

Or if it's just sport you're after, why not have a human-lion hybrid that's just as interested in hunting you down for lunch?

SatyrThere's also human-goat hybrids (I'm starting to wonder how people got these ideas in the first place).

Trump RugThe possibilities are endless. We could probly even cross a sleazebag with a rug to create a slug. No, wait. That's been done.

Whatever next? I suppose we could even cross humans with trees...


john.g. said...

LOL,Mr. Farty, you surpass yourself! Wouldn't mind nuzzling the bird/ horse, but I ain't going to shag it!! Oh, no!


Laurie said...

Ok, stop it. I have laryngitis, and laughing hurts. AND my croaking scared the cat.

Apart from the Catholic Church not understanding that humans are animals, what disturbs me is that the bill is creating rules for chimeras. What did those poor fish do to deserve that?

rilly super said...

I thought all the half man-half fish ethical and moral issues had already been dealt with years ago in 'the man from atlantis', sigh

Mr Farty said...

John - Thought you'd be interested in chasing a piece of tail!

Laurie - The Catholics are only in favour of a "free" vote if it means voting against the bill.

Rilly - I'd considered posting an image of Patrick Duffy, but was afraid you might swoon. Rilly? RILLY??!!