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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Perfect Day

The early morning sun quickly burned off the fog, leaving wall-to-wall blue sky over Embra. We were up at the crack of 9:00, which for a Saturday is almost unheard-of, and put on the radio while we had breakfast, opened the 50th birthday cards and that. I heard Mrs Farty talking on the phone in the bedroom and wondered what that was all about, until the music ended and the DJ replayed this exchange:
Mrs F (for it was she): Can you play a record for my husband Farty's 50th birthday?
DJ: I'm sorry, we don't do birthday requests on this show.
Mrs F: Well, can you wish him a happy 50th birthday?
DJ: What's his name?
Mrs F: Mr Farty.
DJ: And how old is he?
Mrs F: 50.
DJ: So it's Mr Farty's 50th birthday today?
Mrs F: Yes.
DJ: Nope, sorry, we don't do birthdays on this show.
Mrs F: Oh, please!
DJ: Well, there is one exception...
Mrs F: Yes?
DJ: You'll have to sing Happy Birthday yourself. I'll count you in: 1,2,3 -
Mrs F: Happy birthday to you -
DJ: Farty!
Mrs F: Happy birthday to you -
DJ: Farty!
Mrs F: Happy birthday dear Farty, happy birthday to you!

Off for the weekend shop. Bumped into some old friends at the Gyle, then LMF called to wish me a happy 50th birthday. Later, she came over from the Magic Kingdom to give me a hug and a 50th birthday card. And a webcam. Oh, goody!

Then into town to catch a bit of the Embra Science Festival: Pixar are doing an exhibition at the National Museum of Scotchland; everything there is to know about computer animation, with examples from Luxor Jr. through Toy Story to Ratatouille. They even had a real 3D animation, viewable from any angle, which knocked my socks off. Even when I saw how it was done.

Stopped off at Forbidden Planet to pick up a Sonic Screwdriver, then home for a spot of gardening before Eldest Daughter, Son-in-Law and Youngest Grandson called from South Africa to wish me happy 50th birthday. Nothing like rubbing it in. We discussed getting a webcam in SA so we could do face-to-face chats without the 12,000 mile round trip, carbon emissions, global warming etc., but the set-up costs out there are prohibitive and the running expenses are treble those in the UK. Which leaves...

Settled down to watch Dr Who, followed by Graham Norton and Any Dream Will ...Dr Who?

Captain Jack

There was John "Captain Jack" Barrowman, shooting his weapon...

Denise van Outen

Denise van Outen taking on an alien cucumber...

Andrew Lloyd Webber


And Andrew Lloyd Webber (above) as The Face of Boe (right).

Then a bit of blogging before bed. Perfick!


Liz said...

What, no wild party for the 29th anniversary of your 21st birthday? Shame.

I'm planning a party for my 40th next month and it's proving to be far more work than I had expected. Maybe I should have celebrated with Dr Who (I wish - David Tennant, mmmmmmmm).

Anyway, belated good wishes and I hope you're getting the lovely sunshine that we've got in East Anglia.

john.g. said...

Happy birthday Farty!!

Cat said...

Happy birthday!

And who was not Joseph last night? I completely forgot to watch the second part.

f:lux said...

50 is the new 30, I've been told (and I'm hanging on that thought for future reference - Capt.Biscuit's of course...), and so yay! happy 30th birthday!

Mr Farty said...

Liz - You could always do what Mrs Farty did for her 40th: announce that you're not holding a party 'cos nobody would come anyway; then be gobsmacked when your friends & relatives arrange a surprise party for you.

And yes, even more sunshine today. Most unseasonal. Drama Queen will be pleased; it's her birthday today and she's in town for it.

JG - Fanx.

Cat - Yes, it had that effect on me too. There was an Irish bloke who was surprisingly good (apart from Graham) and someone called Daniel; apart from that, meh.

F:Lux - I like your attitude. You'll notice I'm still thirty-something in my profile. tee-hee.