Farty's Fortunes

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Moons of Uranus

I love to lick the moisture off a juicy, succulent, stoned plum, then bite it in half before I gobble it down. Mrs Farty moans that the juice drips on the rug and makes it wet. There's no need no come to blows over such a fruity delight, so I run my tongue over it while I have a quick nibble. Sometimes I think she is so nasty and quite hard on me, but she says if I'm not careful, it drips, penetrates the carpet and turns to slime. Perhaps I should buy her a pearl necklace to make up for the foul mess. Or perhaps I'll just tease her about it till she decides to snatch it off me.

If you found this article offensive, your porn filter needs a damn good seeing to.

Now nip over to Hot Coffee Girl for more rude words. Be sure to give her a plug.

p.s. Can anyone explain why "I Hat Bill"?


Drama Queen said...

And why isn't 'good seeing to' in red?

BOSSY said...

Bossy can't wait until you eat a peach.

Timbo said...

Porn filter? What's that?

john.g. said...

Timbo, you bastard, beat me to it. MIFFED!

Mr Farty said...

DQ - The words in red are all listed in hcg's all 338. Apparently it's ok to give a lady friend a good seeing to.

Bossy - I kid you not, Mr Farty is slurping a ripe, juicy melon as he types this.

Then he's off for some muff-diving with Mrs Farty.

Timbo - You haven't looked at hcg's blog, have you?

JG - Shouldn't that be MUFFED?