Farty's Fortunes

Sunday, 1 November 2009


So it's that time of year again, when the clocks go back and we need something entertaining to brighten up our long winter evenings. Sadly, we're stuck with Strictly Come Dancing1 and The X Factor2.

On the one hand we have well-loved tunes being mauled by some half-wit who thinks it's a good idea to randomly cut out half the lines to fit the song into half the time and on the other hand, yep, exactly the same thing.

Strictly isn't terrible, with the exception of Brucie's jokes, but oh, deary me, what is it with Jedward on The X Factor? Instead of gradually improving week by week, under the careful supervision of their mentor, like any normal contestant, they seem to revel in sinking further and further into the mire of publicity-happy mediocrity. Like Jade Goody, Kerry Katona and Barrack O'Bama(sp?), they are famous simply for being famous.

I'll admit that at the start, I said I'd stop watching if the terrible twins made it onto the live show, but now there's a morbid fascination with the anticipation of which classic they're going to murder next. And last night they hit a new nadir with Queen's "We Will Rock You".

I'm not saying we should form vigilante squads armed with duct tape and ball gags. No, wait. That's exactly what I'm saying. We could replace them with a pair of shaving brushes and no-one would be the wiser. Well, Simon might comment on the massive improvement in their performance, but that's about it.

Boydrone and Westlifeless have a natural successor.

1 Merkans read "Dancing With The Stars".
2 Merkans read "American Idol".



Z said...

I've never seen either programme, which is very dull of me.

I try hard not to blame Scotland for the long dark evenings, but I so badly want BST all year round that I'm not quite rational about it.

#Debi said...

So they let these two compete as a unit, so to speak? On the show here, they would be made to compete separately...UNLESS...are they conjoined twins? 'Cause that would be interesting TV...

Sewmouse said...

I no longer have a functioning television. They did something last June and now the TV doesn't work at all. Strangely, I don't miss it.

Reading this post, I suspect I've not missed much.

Mr Farty said...

Z - We could always move the Earth's axis. Would that help?

#Debi - Ew! The rules here are different, there's four categories - boys, girls, old people (25+) and groups. I wonder what conjoined twins would count as?

Sew - You haven't missed a thing.

A Vapid Blonde said...

I am stuck on the words Ball & Gag...

Lesley said...

Ohhhhhh. JEDWARD. Well, of course. Um....yeah. So they are like the Merkan version of The Nelson Brothers? Only with shorter hair? And no shaving brushes attached to the tops of their heads?


Mr Farty said...

AVB - Mind. Gutter. That's you, that is.

Lesley - More like the Jonas Brothers. At Least the Nelson Sisters look pretty.

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