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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Paved With Good Inventions

It says here that the best scientific invention of all time was the X-Ray machine. And the TV and mobile phone never even made the top ten? Sure...

More interestingly, No. 5 on the list is the V2 rocket. You know, the successor to the Doodlebug. The one that killed thousands in London during the Blitz and thousands more prisoners of war during its manufacture. Great invention, that. Who made up the shortlist, Adolf Hitler?

Also, hands up who's even heard of the Pilot Ace Computer? Exactly. I call shenanigans.

My own top five inventions for their "impact on the past, present and future"?

  1. The Time Machine. Because I wanna fight Morlocks.

  2. The Faster-Than-Light Drive. Saves all that hassle of waiting years to get to your destination.

  3. The Anisokinetic Punch. Transmits force through a 90° angle. Pretty cool.

  4. Soylent Green. Tasty and nutritious, yum!

  5. Multivac. The greatest computer ever, except for maybe Deep Thought.

Who said they had to be real?


Lesley said...

I have a multivac! I clean the carpets with it, but if I detach a certain part I can carry it around and clean other things like the couch or the cat.

Wait. Right?

Mr Farty said...

Lesley - Sure you're not thinking of the Shake'n'Vac?

Lesley said...

"Suburban gangbang" - *SNORT*

Anonymous said...

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