Farty's Fortunes

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Off Their Crusts

So on the one hand Threshers are to close hundreds of stores and on the other, proper scienticians like Professor David Nutt saying that cannabis and LSD are less harmful than tobacco and alcohol and should therefore be decriminalised.

Is it just me or are the off-licence retailers missing a trick here? The phrase, "I'm just nipping down to the shops for some tabs" could take on a whole new meaning. Think of all the new tax revenue the government could raise, without worrying about cirrhosis, lung cancer, heart disease and all the shit that goes with fags and booze eating up hospital budgets.

But don't send the kids to get your skunk, just in case they come back with the wrong thing.


Sewmouse said...


I have been scared by skunks in our neighborhood. One time one was in my (miniscule) back garden.

They say the skunks are more afraid of me than I am of them. I can't figure that one out - even if I farted very hard, I could never match them for lingering odor.

Mr Farty said...

Sew - We don't have skunks in Scotchland, so I have to work extra hard to fill the void. As it were.

Z said...

You're responsible for more methane than all the cows in Scotchland, I presume?

Mr Farty said...

Z - I resemble that remark!

Anonymous said...

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