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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Art For Art's Sake

Picked this up from Mike, who got it from Betty. Gah! I haven't read Betty's blog in ages. But it started here at Kid Shirt. Pretty simple, just post your 10 favourite 10cc songs in your blog and tell Kid about it. Even if you've never heard of 10cc! There doesn't even have to be ten songs in it. This guy is a genius. Or deranged.

Feck. I don't have a single solitary 10cc record, my youngest brother was the 10cc fan and took all his singles and albums with him when he moved out. Oh well, from memory then...

1. I'm Not In Love. My music teacher, Gigantor, was pretty liberal-minded and let us bring our own records in to play in class. I suppose it broadened our tastes and kept us interested. And we got to play this one full blast in the main hall while we were building the set and rehearsing for the school play. Along with Space Oddity.

2. I'm Mandy, Fly Me. 1976, first time I ever flew (Raleigh, NC). If this doesn't cure your fear of flying, nothing will.

3. Art For Art's Sake. You can't just say, "Today we will produce a work of art." You have to let the muse take you when it will. Sometimes it doesn't.

4. One Night In Paris. This track appeared long before Ms Hilton was even born. Still a favourite despite its current connotations.

5. Life Is A Minestrone. Minestrone, Crêpe Suzette, Lasagne, Cheese, what's not to love?

6. The Things We Do For Love. Innocent times, eh?

7. Don't Hang Up. Ok, I'd forgotten about this one until it came up in the YouTube listing. Don't Hang Up - final song by the original quartet, it says here.

8. Five O'Clock In The Morning. Still remember the first time I ever heard this, on the radio, no memory-jogging needed for that.

9. Donna. They don't make them like that any more. Sigh.

10. Dreadlock Holiday. I don't like Reggae. But this song became the exception.

Your turn, if you can be arsed. You've got about a week starting now.


SpanishGoth said...

My favourite 10cc songs is a pretty short list

Number 1 - none

Brom said...

I REALLY rate 10CC. They were technically years ahead of the field with their first 3 albums. Wasn't so keen on the later stuff.

Brom said...

PS I'm up for this, and I'll spread the word!

kek-w said...

Hey! Great to have you on board The 10cc Project, Mr. Farty!

Triffik post! Many thanks for adding to our magical mexican wave!

"Wasn't so keen on the later stuff." - yeah, I was of a similar mind, but doing this forced me to revisit stuff that I was a bit dismissive about and I'm finding all sorts of gems in amongst their later stuff incl. Godley & Creme and some of the offshoot projects...

PI said...

I'm sure I would recognise some of them but only a couple of titles sound familiar. My head seems to be hosting thirties and forties tunes just now. At least they lasted.
I like the thistles - I knew you had to be Scottish and my crystal ball tells me you had Noddy read to you as a little boy. Or a meringue?

Mr Farty said...

Goth - Right, because you're a Goth.

Brom - Technically, many other groups are still playing catchup.

Brom again - Hurry up then!

Kek-w - My pleasure. I was going to include Lost Weekend, but on hearing it back, I've kind of gone off it.

Pat - *sigh* No, you're right enough, it was Noddy.

For anyone who didn't get that:
A Scotchman walks into a bakery, points and asks the girl behind the counter "Is that a macaroon or a meringue?" "No, you're right, it's a macaroon."

Cat said...

Now, generally I like to steal a music meme. But in this case I can only think of one 10CC song. Oops.

(It's I'm Not in Love, of course.)

Mr Farty said...

Cat - Ok, you've just managed to astonish me.

Now do me a favour and listen to any one 10cc record. Then tell Kek-w what you thought of it.


Brom said...

Tis done!