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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Bits and Bobs

So sometimes I just sit down and start typing a blog post, but if I'm sitting on the bus or that and I have an idea I'll compose a quick text for myself as an aide-memoire. (Oh, get me with the French!) If I can put the whole idea into 140 characters or less, you guessed it, I post it straight into Twitter, but usually it's only one or two words that I can write up in full later on.

This has its drawbacks.

  • Another reason why it's important to leave comments. And that would be?

  • Crazy like a Tasmanian devil. I don't think I know anyone quite that crazy.

  • Waterfall illusion. All the waterfalls I've seen have been real. Probly.

  • Lost luggage targets. Maybe airlines have a secret quota which they have to meet in order to keep their passengers pissed off?

  • Dracula fish. Sharks with frikkin lasers are scary enough, but Dracula Fish? OMG!

  • Elephant's foot umbrella stand. Would an ethical hunter leave a three-legged elephant limping around the jungle or give it a wooden leg? Oh, right. Now I remember.

  • Don't blog about work. Doubly so if you're in IT. What a strange thing to say. My job is the most fascinating zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • We're not using the 'zed' word. Yes, I know where that line comes from, but why use it as the start of a blog post? Damn, I bet it was going to be a great one too!

  • tinyurl.com/caw1010 I don't know what it is either. Should I post it first, then click on the link? Yeah, why not? What could possibly go wrong?


Lesley said...

Okay, what's with that last link? Are you volunteering to speak somewhere? IF SO CAN I GO??! I promise not to heckle you from the audience.

Okay, of course I don't promise that.

But still! Can I??

OMG THAT ELEPHANT STORY IS FANTASTIC! (The helping her part. The landmine part is horrendous.) Bless her limaplong lump heart. Sigh.

Your blogging mojo is alllll gooood.

Laurie said...

What could go wrong is that you could get me and Lesley all excited. I'm all ready for a road trip next April, now.

How about cookie cutter sharks? They just sound cute.

I think your blogging mojo is in excellent health. Could you give some to me? Please?

Mr Farty said...

Lesley - Oh, it's THAT? I went to one of those conferences once in New Orleans. I vaguely remember a hurricane. Couple of margaritas. Shot of absinthe. Waking up in the gutter. Meeting Jimmy Carter - yes, The Jimmy Carter! Good times!

Laurie - I don't think I'll be going next year. The last event was in Vegas and we've all been banned from going back since Sir Shred bet the entire bank on red.

#Debi said...

If it makes you feel better, I do the same thing, except in post-it notes. Then I put the post-its in my bag and find them 2 weeks later. By then they're either no longer topical, or I've forgotten what they mean...

Mr Farty said...

#Debi - That's what Twitter's for. Haven't you signed up yet?

#Debi said...

I don't have a text plan on my phone. And with my current phone, it would take much longer to text than to just write it down. (Let's see, is an "s" 3 pushes or 4?)

Welsh Girl said...

I come up with great blog posts when I am driving. I then promptly forget them when in front of a computer. I need some kind of brain translator thing that can churn out the drivel I think onto paper, then I could edit it into witty and erudite blog posts. OK, I live in a fantasy world. Witty and erudite is never going to happen but I could hope for vaguely amusing drivel....

Mr Farty said...

#Debi - Predictive texting. You have separate text plans? We probly have those here too, I'm so non-tech savvy.

Taffeta - I've read your posts, that's why I keep coming back for more.

#Debi said...

I should have said, I don't have a service plan that includes texting. I can text now, but they charge me 10 cents per, whether sending or receiving. That adds up quickly with Twitter, I'd guess. I'm looking into it, though; I want to be in on all the txtspk fun! :)

kathcom said...

I, too, write down ideas for posts when I'm out and about. There are two in particular that give me pause. "Happiness: Life is what you kid yourself you've wanted all along." I can't have been in a very good state of mind with that one. And the other is simply "irrelevant."

Could it be that my blog is superficial but my notes are deep?

Mr Farty said...

Kathcom - All of my posts are irrelevant. Or is that irreverent?

Everyone - Go read Kathcom's blog.