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Monday, 27 October 2008

Seven Random Things About Me

Tagged by Helena. I'm supposed to tell you seven random things about me and since everything about me is random, you'd think that shouldn't be hard...

1. I do like getting tagged with memes and that. Just click on the "tags" label down there and you'll see what I mean.

2. But sometimes I forget I've been tagged.

3. For instance, I got an award off GiGGLe months ago and still haven't put it up or nominated anyone else. My bad. Farty, put up that award FFS!!

4. You see, if I do this meme straight away (Oct 21st), I just tend to copy the person who tagged me, because that's what's freshest in my memory. See 100 Things About Me for a good example. I totally ripped off Blissfully Decaffeinated. Still feeling guilty about that...

5. But if I leave a meme for too long, it just sneaks off and hides under the bed.

6. This isn't going too well, is it?

7. Bugger.

8. I like discovering new bloggers, it's a pain in the arse trying to keep up with them all but the really really good ones make it so worthwhile.

9. And if I don't always leave a comment, well, my excuse is that I read your blogs on my moby and it won't let me leave comments on most blogs. Stoopid moby! Then when I get home I forget. [Yeah, they'll swallow that.]

10. I'm rubbish at sums and anybody from my Applied Maths and Statistics class at uni who says otherwise is a liar (confidence level 95%).

Mmm. Let's tag Misssy, Middle Aged Woman, Welsh Girl, Spanish Goth, John Greenwood, Brom and #Debi.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Leavin' my parp in the form of a meme, late morning (GMT) tomorrow. Have a good night!

Misssy M said...

I was also tagged last week to do SIX things about me by the otherwordly Kate Lord Brown. Can I combine the two- perhaps 13 things about me, or 6.15 things about me?

Thanks- I'll work it out and do it this week.

Welsh Girl said...

The pressure is on. Oh no, my mind has gone blank. Must get coffee, must get inspiration, must get a ghost writer......

john.g. said...


blissfullycaffeinated said...

Parp! No feeling guilty, now. All's fair in farts and blogging.
Or something like that.


Helena said...

Thanks for playing! I agree with no 8. There are some good ones out there.

Vodka Mom said...

you are GOOD! I am have been getting tagged as of late, and curse my bad knees for slowing me down. (They always pick out the weakest of the herd!!)
I am SO glad I discovered you- from Unmitigated!
I'll be back....

Mr Farty said...

MAW - Well done!

Misssy - Nae bother!

Taffeta - Coffee is good. (Said he, drinking tea.)

John - No rush. Have you done it yet?

How about now?

BC - Neeps!

Helena - Thanks for the meme.

Vodka Mom - Welcome to Farty Towers. Yes, I am good, innit? But only because I'm standing on the shoulders of giants - check out my blogroll.
Now who the feck is Unmitigated? <clicky> Oops, sorry MAW.

Bush Babe said...

Hello Mr Farty... I just wanted to thank you for your nice comment on BOSSY. I'm the horse-eye chick.

And then I came here and you speak a completely different language!!
Ummm...What's a parp?
*ducks for cover*

#Debi said...

OK, mine's up!

Giggle! said...

LMAO! Ya nutter!

Hey I was wondering about that award ya slack bugger! :-P xx

AtomicLaura said...

what the hell is a Moby? I thought he was a musician.

Mr Farty said...

BB - Of course I remember you, hen! Take a pew the noo.
*lolcats for ever*

#Debi - I'll be right over!

GiGGLe - At least I'm not a midwife!

AtomicLaura - Maybe I should post a glossary in my sidebar...

Agent Elle said...

Hey! Where's my award? :P

I'll be sure to tag ya next, mwahaha.

Mr Farty said...

Elle - Bring it on!