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Monday, 6 October 2008

Pope Criticises Pursuit of Wealth

This news snippet caught my eye today in between watching global share prices plummet.

"The only solid reality is the word of God," said the world's most pious man, welcoming 253 bishops to his humble abode in the Vatican City.

When questioned about the Vatican's investments in General Motors, General Electric, Shell, Gulf Oil, Bethlehem Steel, IBM, etc., his Holiness replied: "Sure, that money was just, er, resting in my account."

A Vatican Yesterday

As if that weren't proof enough that the Catholic Church has a sense of humour, click here for an ecumenical discussion on whether dogs go to Heaven (praise be to the Bloggess).


Middle Aged Woman said...

Second richest country in the world, that, after the Sultanate of Brunei. Poor pope. All those Ramen noodles. Tsk, tsk.

john.g. said...


Mr Farty said...

MAW - At least the Sultan of Brunei doesn't go around pleading poverty.

John - Grr!

Anonymous said...

If only the Vatican was in Siberia I could enjoy living here in Italy without having them stick their hypocritical nose in everywhere, EVERY DAY!!
I pretty much expressed similar views to yours on my blog yesterday

(I found you via WelshGirl btw)

Mr Farty said...

Mia-Oia - Oh, hello! Welcome to Farty Towers, pull up a pew.
I'll have to get round to creating an OpenID account one of these days, so I can leave comments.
You might like to visit Spanish Goth, who isn't Spanish, but is a Goth. And also not fond of Mr Benedict.

Toot toot!

john.g. said...

Goth's website keeps f*cking my computer up! He has been told.

Anonymous said...

On my blog the option for anonymous commenters is activated so you can comment when you like. Please sign your name though so I know it's you.
Thanks ;-)
I may wait till Spanish goth has sorted his site as I don't want my computer f**ked up :-)

AtomicLaura said...

Catholic bailout=Inquisition

Mr Farty said...

John - Really? I just checked and it looks fine to me. You haven't been doing something daft like using Vista and/or IE7?

Mia-Oia - The colours are a bit odd, but that's just Goth!

AtomicLaura - Kramer vs Predator? Now I know what DVD I want for Xmas!