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Monday, 17 December 2007

Farty's Ecksmas Competition

Mr Farty has been oot and aboot aroond Embra with his rusty trusty camera, taking snaps (do they still call them snaps?) of the auld toon and the new deckarayshuns. After a quick dab with Paintshop ProTM, here are the results.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to identify which picture has been touched up (adding text doesn't count). Whoever spots which item has been cloned will get a virtual pat on the back. Whoever can correctly identify what has been digitally removed from the same picture will win a prize.

Update: Either Paintshop is so good that nobody can see the join and figure out what I painted over, or nobody can be arsed. Well, I've already bought the prize, so I've decided to make it easier for you. After all, it's Ecksmas.

In the event of a tie, complete this sentence in as many words as you like: "I should win the prize because..."

So what's the prize? A superb, hand-knitted Scotch mouse-mat and matching coasters!!!

Ready...steady...one more thing. Competition closes on Ecksmas Eve. The prize will be delivered in time for Ecksmas Day1.


You will meet a good doctor

Xmas in Princes Street, Edinburgh

Embra Sparkles at Ecksmas

Princes Street panorama

Princes Street Ice Rink

Oooohhh shops! This picture coming up...

Old vs New (minus double decker bus)
Did you see it? You do know you can click to enlarge any photo here?

Old and New

Porridge. Yummee!


I can has cheezburger?

How much fir the tree?

Big Wheel

Balmoral Hotel, Embra

100ft Xmas Tree

1 2008, obv.


Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

It all looks perfectly normal to me. But then I only went to Edinburgh once and I was drunk. It was Hogmanay. Erm, has the Eiffel Tower been digitally removed?

Misssy M said...

I think all the neds that normally attend these type of street events have been removed. (Particularly from the site of that burger emporium)

It's the only explanation.

Sewmouse said...

No clue. Not a one. But...

For a somber celebration - that sure does sparkle!!

Colin Will said...

Jings! When I think back to what it was like when I was growing up there (born 1942, Tolcross) it looks like the whole place has beeen Photoshopped. It's the old multiple NB minus the North Bridge, is it no? I should win because I used to be a barman there.

Mr Farty said...

Daffers - Drunk is the best way to experience Embra at Hogmany, ye ken. Erm, nope, sorry.

Misssy - The other explanation is that I waited for them to walk away before taking the picture. Sorry.

Sew - You want a clue? Picture #7.

Colin - Crivvens! Good idea, but the NB (North British/New Balmoral) really does look like that. And you can just make out the parapet of the bridge on the right of that photo.

Mr H said...

I'm going to go with go-go dancers and an alien invasion.

And if I'm wrong I would prefer the former to the latter come the Feast of Conspicuous Consumption.

Or a Ben 10 Omnitrix F/X so I gain the power to change into 10 different alien heroes, each with uniquely awesome powers.

Cos that would be cool

Mr Farty said...

H - Mmmm, go-go dancers. Close, but no.

Maybe I'm making it too hard? Or maybe I should a picture of the prize for encouragement...

Mr H said...

I'm sorry but in pictures 2 and 13, a flying saucer can be quite clearly seen. Obviously an advance party, prior to the full on invasion.

I have wrapped tin foil around my head in anticipation and anyone who does not follow suit may as well blow smoke out their own arses.

And I was right about the two go-go dancers. Pink scarves, go-go boots. 1968 Nancy Sinatra.

Cos it will be

Sewmouse said...

Blonde bimbettes in pink scarves and shaggy boots? Euuuuuuu

Only thing worse would be Cheerleaders (Scarier than clowns!)

Cat said...

Is she missing her pimp?

(I should win the prize because I have been poorly sick all week, and had to get my mum to bring round emergency supplies because I was too ill to go to the shops myself. And, because today I left my job and got a rubbish present.)

Mr Farty said...

Mr H - Oh, those flying saucers! I'll be more careful with the editing in future, so as not to worry you.
Cos it will be what?

Sew - Yeah, cheerleaders are dead scary. Especially this one.

Cat - So that's how you got the name! Shame about the rubbish present though.