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Friday, 11 January 2008

Favourite Movie Quotes #1

It could be worse...it could be raining.

IgorI was feeling really down and depressed after my one and only experience of LSD. Bad bad bad trip. Even the waccy baccy gave me flashbacks, so I had to quit that too. Anyway, just when I thought I couldn't get any lower, I remembered this scene in Young Frankenstein, where the good doctor (Gene Wilder) and his faithful assistant Igor (Marty Feldman) (who wore no makeup in this film) are hard at work. Dr F. laments the terrible predicament they find themselves in - knee deep in dirt, in a cemetery, at midnight, digging up a fresh corpse in order to reanimate it.
"It could be worse," chirps the ever-cheerful Igor.
"It could be raining."
At which point there is a flash of lightning, a crash of thunder and the heavens open.

It brought me out of the doldrums then, and still makes me smile now.


SpanishGoth said...

We all have our own rescue via celluloid (as opposed to cellulite) - mine is:-

"There is no spoon"....

Mr Farty said...

S - That's deep. And weird - I started composing a post in the shower last night about how truth is relative. Should have written it down.

rilly super said...

I always like the bit when Ally Mcgraw dies at the end of Love Story. It always cheers me up, sob

Laurie said...

Young Frankenstein--one of the two best movies ever made. That and The Princess Bride. "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You keel my father. Prepare to die." Gone With the Wind can't hold a candle to either of them. "Put...the candle...back."

Laurie said...

Now I can't get that Weird Al song, She's got Marty Feldman Eyes out of my head. Thanks a lot.