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Friday, 4 January 2008

Embra In Winter

Embra has been caught in the worst blizzard this century, it was horrendous man, etc.


Anyway, I dashed out quickly before it had a chance to melt and captured these pictures of Embra Castle in the snow. Fab.

As usual, click to enlarge and feel free to take a copy for your screensaver.

Edinburgh Castle In Winter

Turrets On Edinburgh Castle

The Ross Fountain

Edinburgh Castle and the Ross Fountain

Edinburgh Castle's One O'Clock Gun. At one o'clock.


Marie said...

I would love to steal one for my desktop, but it's busy with my photoshopped pic of me and Gerard Butler in a passionate embrace. Hmmm. Snowy castle. Gerard Butler. Snowy castle. Gerard Butler. Decisions!

Z said...

Goodness, with that depth of snow, it's no wonder the whole country is at a standstill.

Mr Farty said...

Marie - Gerard who? Oh, he looks like Martin Freeman. Maybe you need the snowy castle to cool off!

Z - Looks like you got the best of it dahn sarf.

Jahooni said...

Lovely. But I say... BURRRRR!

Cinn said...

Those are some gorgeous pics! You sure know your way around a camera. And I agree with Jahooni - brrrrr!

Laurie said...

I just stumbled upon your site. A fellow Pastafarian! Although, I would probably be considered a “small ‘P’ Pastafarian.” I got the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Christmas. Luckily His Noodly Tastiness isn’t one of those jealous invisible deities.

My husband, brother and I did a whirlwind four-day tour of Scotland in October, two nights of that in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, we never made it further north than Stirling. I thought I was pretty good with the various British accents, having grown up with British parents, cousins down in Devon, and watching All Creatures Great and Small, Poldark, etc., but I could only understand about half the people we met in Scotland. Sorry. I had to translate for my California-boy husband who couldn’t understand anybody at all (anywhere in England, actually-not just Scotland).

I showed my husband your profile, and he felt an immediate affinity. I would like to say it was the science fiction and chocolate. But no. It was definitely the picture.

Oh, and it was the SF Zoo that had the tiger “problem” and I’m jealous about the Dalek!

Colin Will said...

Nice photos Mr F. Mind you, I think the Cairngorms were nicer. Plus I've now convinced DunbarJane of the fartiferousness of Jerusalem artichoke soup.

CresceNet said...
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Mr Farty said...

J - You'll want to wrap up warm if you visit Scotchland in winter. Spring. Fall. Or summer, if you're a Cali girl.

Cinn - I'm also learning my way around PaintShop - there was a worker in bright yellow overalls and a truck in the second-last photo.

Laurie - Having glanced at your own profile - snap!
SF, LA - same thing, innit? (Like Scotland and England, Oz and NZ, etc).

Colin - Oh, nice pics yourself.