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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Red Dress

I've been up to Hillend a few times to practice skiing, but I'd always planned to just walk up with the camera one day and take some nice photos of my home town. Then life happened and what with one thing and another, that day never came.

Yesterday, however, I found myself on holiday, with no fixed plans, beautiful weather, a new camera and a free morning. So I thought, "Bugger it, I'm off!"

Hopping on the bus, I started up Twitter on my phone and the very first tweet I saw was one from Chookooloonks about how to improve your photography. That led me to her blog, where I was momentarily sidetracked by a stunning photoset of Jenny The Bloggess wearing a red dress in a cemetery. Yeah.

Jenny's own post on the same subject would have prompted me to take this trip if I wasn't already there. Spooky coincidence, innit?

As always, click on any photo to embiggen and feel free to copy for non-commercial purposes.

Bluebells. Aren't they lovely? No, of course I didn't have to stop anyway to catch my breath.

Oh, looky! Someone's got a hang-glider!

The First Forth Bridge. To Fife.

A boat. And Fife. Again.

Arthur's Seat. And Fife. Sigh.

Top of the ski-tow. Practising skyline photos without ending up underexposed. Win.

North Berwick Law. Cockenzie power station in the foreground. No sign of Fife.

Edinburgh Castle. Pay no attention to the background.

Action shot of a skier going down.

Action shot of a hang-glider going up. Cheeky monkey.

Panorama of Edinburgh. This was stitched together in the camera from 3 separate photos. Isn't technology wonderful?

About this site. Robert Louis Stevenson was here.

That hang-glider again.

Gorse Bush. There's a lot of these around here. Hope that pilot can steer well. #spiky

And if you're still wondering about the title of this post, you haven't visited Jenny's blog. Go on!


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

That fifth picture down? Took my breath away. I wish I could see it with my own eyes.

Liz said...

Spectacular photos, Farty. Makes me want to visit Scotland immediately.

Mr H said...

The problem with panoramas is,they inevitably involve going up a hill. Which is just wrong. And which makes me wish my parents had begat me somewhere other than a city comprised entirely of hills. Gits. Nice photys though.

Mr Farty said...

Jenny - See it with your own eyes? Why, whose eyes are you using right now? Aaaargh!! Eye thief!

Liz - My pleasure. When you do visit Scotland, be sure to write a blog post about it. #hint

Mr H - I was panting for breath halfway up, but it was worth it in the end. Buggered if I was going all the way to the top, though.

Sewmouse said...

Pretty Pretty Pixtures.

Arthur must have had a really BIG Bum.

Mr Farty said...

Sew - Arthur's bum is as legendary as his seat. Toot toot!