Farty's Fortunes

Friday, 24 June 2011

Charidee Walk

So I've been coerced volunteered into doing a sponsored walk. For charidee. Next weekend. Up a mountain. In Scotchland. I suppose most of you are wondering, "Why do a charity walk up a mountain?" I'm just thinking, "Why me?"

Apparently this particular stretch of inhospitable wilderness pleasant country walking route has a door policy: t-shirts, jeans and trainers are "inappropriate attire" and the bouncers marshalls won't let you in unless you're bedecked with reasonably-priced walking boots, wooly socks, sou'westers, canvas trousers, ice-picks, crampons (or was that tampons?), tents, Primus stoves, and six months' supplies of Kendal mint cake. Can't be too careful, I suppose.

I can't help wondering if it wouldn't have been easier for me to donate the supplies budget to charidee and spend the day loafing on the couch watching Dr Who reruns.



john.g. said...

Get up there, you lazy git!

TwistedScottishBastard said...

Naaah,give them the money and get back to Dr. Who. If you do go be careful, that Mint Cake can be nasty stuff.

Mr Farty said...

I've already raised £80 in sponsorship since this morning, bit hard to back out now. Bugger.