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Friday, 24 July 2009

The Gathering

I like it - apart from the weather.

That one sentence about sums up the visitor experience of Scotchland in general and Embra in particular.

This weekend, clan leaders from all four corners of the globe [Globes don't have corners - Ed.] will meet for the biggest brawl gathering in recorded history. The locals have already started boarding up their windows in preparation.

Bring it on.


Lesley said...

All I know is your weather there leaves your surroundings so green and beautiful and lush that I always get a little envious every time I look at any pictures you post.

And seriously? WTF is with this video? See? That's something I love about your blog: So often when I visit here I discover things I've never even heard of. (Gus hasn't heard of Middle of The Road either, but the song seems to make him all peppy.) (I'm serious. I think he's singing along.) (It's kind of freaking me out actually.)

Mr Farty said...

Lesley - You've heard of The Emerald Isle aka Ireland? It gets even more rain than Scotchland.

Groovy outfits in this video, eh?

lady macleod said...

he he - brawl indeed. You know the only reason we built the big new Parliament building in Edinburgh was so we would have somewhere to go to fight...

Mr Farty said...

Lady M - Ah, there's nothing like a good fight. I'll be right here, hiding under the table.