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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Whale Meat Again*

So. It looks like there was a wee contretemps in the Southern Ocean today. See how you do in my impromptu quiz.

1. The Japanese warship hit the Adi Gil because:
a) The powerboat was using advanced stealth technology, making it invisible.
b) The Japanese crew were busy looking for whales.
c) The powerboat accelerated directly into the path of the warship.

2. At the time of the collision, the Adi Gil was:
a) Completely stationery, honest.
b) Sailing directly away from the whaling fleet.
c) Steering towards the bow of the Japanese ship. As you do.

3. The conservation group's boat was:
a) Utterly destroyed, killing all aboard her.
b) Sunk without trace, drowning all the crew.
c) Holed, but otherwise still floating.

4. The Japanese are carrying out "scientific" whaling. They are trying to find:
a) Whether the whale population is at a sustainable size for commercial whaling to resume.
b) Any way around IWC rules on catching whales.
c) The tastiest recipe for whalemeat, yum!

* I had a better title, but forgot it. Sorry.


Unknown said...

1; A
2; A
3; C
4; B

DoI win?

Mr Farty said...

John - Hang on while I check all the other entrants...Congratulations, you win 5 lbs of whale meat! Do you want it fried or poached?

Welsh Girl said...

Darn. Too late for the quiz again. will my luck never change? The whale meat would have been handy too. could have used it to lure in the panther that is roaming these hills....

Sewmouse said...

I was going to say:


OTOH - 5 lbs. of fresh whale meat would probably not travel well from wherevr it is to here, so I win by not winning!

BOSSY said...

A test? A TEST? Nobody told Bossy there'd be a test today! Bossy is, um, sick and, yeah, sick. Hall pass, please...

Mr Farty said...

Taffeta - A black panther should be easy to spot against all that white. Or has your snow started to melt too?

Sew - I can think of better things to throw money at than fancy wee boats. Or rancid whalemeat.

BOSSY - Oh, a visit from Bossy! *swoons*

Unknown said...

Fried please!

Mickle in NZ said...

What about all the fatty blubber - eco lamps as no petrochemicals involved?

Mr Farty said...

Mickle in NZ - Oh, so you're in the Windy City? My kind of place! Toot toot!